A whole class and taste itinerary lemon flavored

Botany and art of cooking

The 4th generation of the Ruoppo’s family,

from Sorrento to Sant’Agata sui due Golfi

keep telling their art of cooking passion by the Terranova farmhouse.

To realize a whole menu lemon flavored

10.00 a.m. a plant nursery tour with a lab and introducing of the ovale sorrentino lemon history, the planting demonstration, the plantation and pruning of this plant;

11.30 a.m. departure from the plant nursery to the Terranova farmhouse where our executive chef will welcome and reaveal the several lemon uses in the kitchen.

The main ingredient we often use in our kitchens is the lemon.

The “Ovale Sorrentino” lemon can be

emptied, grated, peeled, squeezed and stripped

In short, an ingredient at 360° of numerous uses.

This cooking class :includes some starters, an home made fresh pasta, a second course and a dessert preparation, naturally all realized with the main ingredient, the “Ovale Sorrentino” lemon.This class ends with a Limoncello demonstration and tasting.It’s available from May to October (lemon harvest season)

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