Selection more and more recurrent many couples looking for a suitable location to celebrate your event in joy, preferring a location, home of romance as Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.
And now our company, with a long experience in the hospitality and organization of events, becomes an ideal solution catering for a wedding in Sorrento and surroundings.

Terranova Catering Service a strength that has made of our catering service, among the most ambitious in the Sorrento peninsula.

Those who choose us to safety, and the certainty of being able to count on a decade of experience, able to follow 360 degrees all the details to make your special moments propylene, enriched also by the intervention of Claudio Ruoppo, master of choreography and choices taste appropiate.

Every Marriage is Clipped Around To Marry

It means :

A wedding not standard , but built in tandem with the bride and groom
Gastronomy flexible with classic lines , traditional Italian , the seasonal lines and many other novelty Finger Food ‘ …
The ‘ high Pastry: refinement and taste meet creativity’ of our pastry chefs

The mise en place: A beautifully served table means refinement and good manners and also demonstrates, attention and care

Choreography: The glance wants its part

The detail is the hallmark of our company

The Service: Behind the service reads the experience of company, a tight-knit team and the right will do its part

Locations: Villa Eliana Villa Murat, Correale Palace, Museo Correale, etc…

Sorrento Events

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