Typical products

Fattoria Terranova is not just a simple place on the outskirts with a restaurant and rooms for rent. It is truly a farmhouse holiday spot, where products from the surrounding hectares are cultivated and transformed and for those who wish to participate in the farm work may.

You can find all the products with the “Fattoria Terranova” brand at the family store in Sorrento, right in Tasso square, where you can also try and taste small gastronomical delights of the farmhouse.

Terranova brand produces

  • Flavored liquors: Limoncello, Finocchietto (Fennel), Fragolino (Strawberry), Liquorish, Mandarin, Apple, Nocino and Rucoletto. Excellent served after a meal.
  • Flavored creams: Lemon, Melon, Coffee, Cocoa, and Cocoa & Hot Pepper. They are in fact liquors with a creamy consistence.
  • Multi flavored Babas in jars: Lemon, rum, lemon cream, and cocoa and coffee cream. A delicious twist to a classical Neapolitan dessert.
  • Marmelades of Lemons, oranges, bitter oranges, citruses and mandarins. The famous citruses of the coast are the initial product of our marmalades, not only great with sweets but also delightful with various cheeses.
  • Packaged strawberries, apricots and figs.
  • Aromatized oils: extra virgin olive oil flavored with either hot pepper, oregano, spaghetti, basil, garlic, lemon or rosmary. An ideal thing to have in your kitchen to give a distinctive tang to your dishes.
  • Olives and in oil specialties: sun dried tomatoes, eggplants, cauliflower, smashed olives, pummarolì (smashed olives and tomatoes), green and black olives under salt.
  • Pâté of: dried tomatoes, green olives, artichokes. To spread on some toasted bread bruschetta for a Mediterranean taste.
  • The Vesuvius tears: hot pepper pâté in extra virgin olive oil, only for the most resistant dishes!




All of our ceramics are designed, modeled and handcrafted locally making it different from all others.

Shape, color and size may vary slightly.