Not only Cooking class!

Taste your holiday in an exclusive way. Be a citizen, not just a tourist.

Become part of the local culture, experience the food, the wine and the day life. Let yourself be surprised by one or more of our experiences.

 Enjoy your meal and... have fun! 

Day in the country side

With local products, pizza and mozzarella classes included.

Guided tour of the Mediterranean shrubland with a staff member who will provide all the information about the use and the benefits of the plants, herbs and vegetables you encounter.

Arrival at the main structure of the farm, tasting of local products such as: mixed bruschetta, various types of bread with olive oil tasting, slice of pizza, with its demonstration and guest participation, mozzarella making, light lunch.

For dessert hot Sfogliatella followed by coffee and liquors from the farm.

Water and wine are included.

Itinerary lemon flavored

The 4th generation of the Ruoppo’s family keep telling their art of cooking passion.

Realize a whole menu lemon flavored.

The main ingredient we often use in our kitchens is the lemon. Click here to read the full program.

Find out also our Sorrento Lemon Tour in the heart of Sorrento by the oldest plant nursery. Here the program.

Cheese tasting tour

Making cheese is the oldest way to conserve milk.

During this tour will be tasted 7 typical cheeses of the Sorrento Peninsula to permit guests discovering a world of amazing flavours and fine aromas.

The seasoned Caciotta Massese, the Provolone del Monaco, the Riaviulillo, the Puzzuttella massese, the Caciocavallo, the sheep’s milk cheese Caciotta, and fresh Mozzarella cheese with demonstration to famous treccia of Sorrento. All combined with a good glass of red wine and the savory home made jams by Fattoria Terranova.

Cooking Class

An unforgettable gathering with the symbolic dishes of the Neapolitan cuisine.

Mozzarella demo

Demonstration of the mozzarella braid with explanation. Participation Guests will be equipped with hats and aprons and invited to the demonstration of the mozzarella. A fun activity that suits everyone. Obviously including tasting!

Tasting of typical Products

Guided tour of the typical Mediterranean vegetation with explanation Tasting of typical products mixed bruschetta Tasting of extra virgin olive oil Dried tomatoes and hot puff pastry Lemon liquor, water and a glass of wine.

Wine tasting

Wine testing

The tasting includes red and white wines from the Campania region along with an accurate explanation by a Sommelier (wine expert), about the type of grape involved and the making process. In order to point out the qualities of our wines, we will serve our guests cheese, salami and home made bread.

Sorrento pizza class

Pizza class

Learn to make pizza, discover how to prepare the dough and make the toppings.

Farmers festival

This type of festival has been quite successful and has a large following, consisting in various stalls with all sorts of local products.

Flowers, citrus fruits and candles will create the atmosphere to make your evening relaxing and memorable.

To complete this magic scenery we suggest musical entertainment, guitar or mandolin and why not, tarantella dancers.

  • Wine tasting stall with wine expert who will serve and explain all about Campania wines
  • Frying stall-our chef cooks will fry small typical fritters with basil, oregano, rosemary and courgette flowers
  • Salami and seasoned meat stall
  • Fresh and seasoned cheese stall-with typical cheeses and mozzarella making
  • Bread stall different kinds of home made bread
  • Pizza stall
  • Grilled meat and fish stall (barbecue)
  • There will also be a buffet with many appetizers and vegetables
  • Dessert, coffee and Limoncello are included

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