Zero Km Restaurant

Brought freshly to the table straight from the garden.

Its not a slogan but actually is what you’ll be eating.

Here the majority of what will be brought to your table is cultivated in the six hectares of land surrounding the villa and exquisitely prepared by the chef.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the farm restaurant: a really special place blessed with classic-chic style.

The restaurant is structured in different levels all covered by wood, sort of like a winter lodge. The exterior part is completely open towards the sea and has one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Galli islands.

On the inside, floral compositions of all kinds and numerous plants make you truly feel as if you took part in a fairy tale. A garden where even the taste of things have something magical.

The use of “home cultivated products” and traditional cuisine have led the Terranova farmland restaurant to a certain fame by being mentioned on Food guides and channels such as: Le RoutardLonely PlanetSlow FoodGambero Rosso, and the Gola in Tavola.

Starting at breakfast time, your taste buds will go wild with our sweet and salty breakfast: home made croissants, pies, fresh fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Also worth trying is our home made marmelades, that come in all flavors but be sure not to miss out on the Sorrento Lemon flavored one. It’s a classic, those who try it always want to bring some back home.

Even coffee has a special taste to it: it is in fact served in the classic Neapolitan “caffettiera” to keep the odor nice and fresh, just like in the old Neapolitan movies by Eduardo De Filippo.

Once dinner time arrives, your taste buds will have real frenzy.

Starting with a rich mixed appetizer, 8 to 9 samples of seasonal vegetable specialties created by the chef.

Then on to first course dishes, being in Naples, nothing but pasta. The symbolic plate of the Terranova farmland is “tubettoni alla cipolla” a local delicacy pasta plate with onions that will surely make your nose twitch.

Then, on to the second course dishes, ancient Neapolitan traditions will be brought to the table serving “baccalà” (stock fish) and squid with potatoes.

As a side, If the seasons right, you might be lucky to try the “torchese” escarole, a rare type of vegetable.

To accompany the meal will be a choice of one of our listed wines or you can try our home made Aglianico and Falanghina straight from the local vineyard.

To end the meal in great style there is nothing better than a traditional Neapolitan dessert like the babà or pastiera sided by a great liquor of infinite choices from limoncello to finocchietto, fragolino, nocillo, liquorish an so on.. all home made!

We are sure that after having a dinner in the farm you’ll want to bring all those wonderful flavors back home.

If so, you can visit the many family store in Sorrento, or participate at one of our cooking classes organized by the farmhouse.