Sorrento and Amalfi Coast excursions

The Terranova farmhouse is a place chosen by nature’s call.

The farmhouse is immersed in a vast territory like no other and it is definitely worth exploring the close by sites, maybe not known to many, but can surely be defined small pieces of heaven.

In this page we offer great nature excursions in the most beautiful surrounding places of the Terranova farmland.

Horse Riding

If you are an outdoors activities lover, here you can have trekking and horse riding.

Our staff can organize trails and horse riding. Brief excursion for minimum 2 persons and maximum 3 persons.

Departure  from Fattoria Terranova, whole tour in the pinewood “Le Tore” and back to  the farmhouse.

Punta Campanella

From Termini, a Massalubrense fraction, a small path will lead you to Punta Campanella, the limit of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Surrounded by enchanting gardens of all sorts, witness the Mediterranean nature in its most realistic form.  Along the pathway you’ll find ancient Saracen towers used as watch towers to sound off the alarm when Turks invaded near by coasts.

There are many of them located along the Peninsula, from each tower it is possible to see the other further down the coast, this is because back in ancient times when enemy boats were seen arriving they would light a fire on the first tower so that the others could do the same to warn the villages.

On the extreme point of Punta Campanella you’ll find an ancient sanctuary built by Romans dedicated to the Minerva Goddess and on clear, sunny days Capri is so close you can almost grasp the islands with your hands.

Ieranto Bay

Driving from Nerano, a suburb of Massa Lubrense, there is a pathway which will lead you to the Bay of Ieranto. The street turns and twists through olive trees and steep little tracks near the sea to bring you finally to a small but wonderful beach where you can bathe and relax in the sun right under Capri’s famous Faraglioni Rocks.

The water here is incredibly limpid and clean: in fact, the Bay of Ieranto is under the protection of the national Marine park of Punta Campanella where access is prohibited to all boats of any kind in order to preserve the flora of this marina bay.


Nerano is a suburb of Massa Lubrense located right in between the two coast, the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Coast. A place known for its local fisherman, every summer its lively animated thanks to the beautiful beaches and clear waters. It’s the ideal place to be if you want to spend a day at the beach in complete relaxation.

You can choose from public beaches and private ones, or if you’re in an adventurous mood you can rent a pedal boat and discover the small caves near by. Keep in mind that Nerano has some of the best restaurants in the Sorrentine Peninsula: be sure to try the local Nerano specialty  “pasta alla Nerano”, penne with zucchini, basil and cheese.

Regina Giovanna baths

From Capo di Sorrento an small pathway will lead you to the Regina Giovanna, one of the most loved places of locals for its clear water swims and romantic strolls. It is in fact a promontory right above sea level surrounded by ruins of an ancient Roman villa.

The villa was inhabited until 1400, when it was then chosen to be a hiding spot for Queen Giovanna d’Angio. Swimming in these waters, noticing the beauty of it all, you’ll will without doubt understand why Queen Giovanna’s love alcove was here.