Green Project

In 2020, “Inspired” By What Happened, The Terranova Vegetable Garden Area It Has Been Redesigned To Give A Greater Sustainability Footprint And Resilience To Our Farm. For This A Part Of The Proceeds From The Tours Will Be Dedicated To The Continuation Of The Project For The Eco-Sustainability Of The Farm.

With every challenge is an opportunity to do better. The recent pandemic has sparked us to stop and think, how can we be more sustainable? How can we become more resilient to disasters? How can we localize our community and become more sufficient?

We’ve decided to dedicate our efforts to increasing the resilience and sustainability of our farm. We want to improve how and what we grow, increase the biodiversity of our land and contribute to a more sustainable future for our farm and community.

What we have done

Synergistic Edible Gardens

Orti Sinergici Biodiversità

Synergistic Edible Gardens

Resilience is adaptability, preserving native plants and increasing biodiversity to create a more vibrant eco-system will make us more resistant to climate change, soil erosion, and diseases.

We are working to improve existing gardens as well as creating an edible-forest-trail to nourish the biodiversity of our land. The aim of our edible-trail is not only to share the goodness of fruits, nuts, herbs, and veggies but to share knowledge on the roles of our native varieties of plants and species, from the bushes to the vines.  

A self-sustaining Greenhouse 

Our green-house will be self-sufficient, act as a renewable energy

source for our farm, and allows all-year-round planting, and experimentation!



Inspired by the return of the majestic birds and animals we have all witnessed during this pandemic, we will construct a bio-lake. The bio-lake is an important part of our project as it focuses on water-conservation, and eco-system growth which is essential to the path to a sustainable and eco-friendly model.