The Terranova vegetable garden area was redesigned and managed in collaboration

with Matteo Puzziello and Jumana Al-Kury, to give a greater imprint of sustainability and resilience to our Farm.

Synergistic Gardens

The terraces dedicated to the production of vegetables for our restaurant are based on the principles of a synergistic and / or regenerative agriculture, where everything is designed following and respecting the functions of each plant, for the supply and needs of nutrients, light and the role of natural pesticide, surrounded by herbs and edible flowers with specific characteristics. All without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, where the only fertilizer used is produced within the farm.

Perennial garden

This garden aims to have a production of aromatic, green leafy vegetables and edible flowers available all year round for several years, using all perennial cycle plants, so as to give us scents and colors throughout the year.

Mediterranean labyrinth

Made up of circular benches, the labyrinth hosts numerous plants of the Mediterranean scrub, including shrubs in the external area, aromatic plants and flowering plants inside. In the center there is a wooden gazebo, with seats where you can relax or enjoy an aperitif or simply contact with nature.

All surrounded by a hedge of olive trees, and fruit trees of ancient native varieties.