Green Project

In 2020, “Inspired” By What Happened, The Terranova Vegetable Garden Area It Has Been Redesigned To Give A Greater Sustainability Footprint And Resilience To Our Farm.


The variety of animal, plant and microbial species present on Earth. Biodiversity seems like a new word. In reality this term indicates an ancient concept: the variety of living organisms that inhabit our planet.

Terranova’s story continues…

This project wants to spark your sensitivity in this difficult moment: by adopting a tree you will help us safeguard and protect the peasant culture of our territory.

Christmas gift baskets

It is so amazing that today as in the past decades, among all the various Christmas habits and presents, the one that remains one of the favourite gift to receive is the Christmas Basket!

Sorrento lemon tour

Mrs Pia Ruoppo will welcome you in a suggestive green living room, illustrating with experience and passion, the lemon and citruses history.

Weekly wedding offer in Sorrento

In a fabulous and suggestive scenography you can live your amazing moment: a colours and flowers explosion will turn your wedding into in an unique and unforgettable event.